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The nuclear medicine department of our hospital was established in 2006 by Füsun Nazmiye Üzüm Yenici MD. In 2011, PET-CT unit was added in the building of oncology. Besides in 2017 the department was moved to its new building and started to provide radionuclide therapy in a 4-bed therapy unit in addition to scintigraphy.

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Approximately 15 oncologic patients can be examined daily with FDG, Ga-68 PSMA or Ga-68 DOTATATE in the PET-CT unit. We also perform almost all scintigraphic examinations, mostly myocardial perfusion scan, with 2 gamma cameras. İn addition radionuclide therapies of thyroid ca, prostate ca and neuroendocrine tumors are routinely performed.

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What is a PET/CT scan and how does it work?

PET/CT is an advanced imaging test that detects biochemical abnormalities in the body and is usually an outpatient procedure. A radioactive drug called FDG is injected intravenously and is absorbed by tissues and organs. The PET detects the radioactivity emitted by FDG, and the CT provides fine anatomical detail so that the combined PET/CT allows highly accurate detection of disease. Ga-68 peptides PET-CT may be used for prostate cancer and NET tumours. We use the PET-CT for following indications briefly.

• Initial staging of disease,
• Interim PET-CT after 1 to 3 courses of chemotherapy,
• Assessment of therapy response after completion of therapy,
• Restaging of disease.

Preparation For Procedure

PET/CT is an outpatient procedure and a 4-day stay in İstanbul will be sufficient for whole procedure.
Visit us at the first day for instructions and appointment confirmation.
Please leave your valuables and jewelry at home.
Follow a low carbohydrate diet for the previous 24 hours before the date of your appointment. Foods that can be eaten include: meat, hard cheese, tofu, eggs, butter and vegetable with no starch. Some foods that are not allowed include; cereal, pasta, milk, breads, and other sugars. If you are scheduled in the late afternoon you can eat breakfast before the exam, it must be a low carbohydrate diet as well. Do not eat or drink anything, except for water 6 hours before the exam. You may drink water until arrival. Please do not chewing gum..
Take all of your prescribed medications as usual on the day of your exam unless you are instructed not to do so. If you are diabetic please ask the PET/CT center staff for instructions.
Do not exercise for 24 hours prior to your exam.
Wear warm, comfortable, loose fitting clothing and avoid wearing clothing with metal such as belt buckles and snaps.
If you are claustrophobic please discuss options for medications with your referring physician. Bring those medications with you and take when you are instructed by the nurse.

During The Exam

The duration of the exam may vary, but you will be at the PET center for approximately 2 to 3 hours in total time.
At the beginning we will be obtain a blood glucose level. If this level is acceptable you will receive an injection of FDG.
You may be given a diluted barium contrast to drink to enhance your CT images.
You may be given an intravenous injection of iodine contrast media sometimes that enhances your CT images.
After the injection you will be asked to sit quietly for approximately one hour within one of our quiet rooms. Due to the radiation pregnant women and children are not allowed to stay with you in the quiet rooms.
After you have relaxed you will be asked to lie down on a table which will move you through the PET/CT scanner. This machine has a larger opening than an MRI, and it does not make any loud noises. The time in the scanner will vary between 20 to 30 minutes.
Side effects are rare during this procedure. However, if you feel any symptoms such as nasal congestion, itchy eyes or throat, hives, rashes, sneezing, restlessness, tremor, pain, nausea, vomiting or dizziness, please notify the staff immediately.

After procedure

You may leave our center as soon as the exam is completed.
You will be able to eat and drink immediately, unless you have received special instructions .
Drink plenty of fluids to hasten the excretion of the FDG.
Nursing mothers should wait 24 hours before resuming breast-feeding. Since the tracer will remain radioactive for about twelve hours, to minimize radiation exposure please follow these suggestions for twelve hours following the beginning of the scan.
Avoid prolonged close contact with children and pregnant women at the scan day. Keep a distance of about 6 feet from infants, small children and pregnant women.
Your PET/CT scan report and CD will be prepared within 48 hours. Also a report can be sent to your doctor by e-mail.

How to Make an Appointment

Send us your PET-CT request by e-mail or whatsapp. İnform us about your disease and prefered scan date. We will reply you as soon as possible. Visit us in the PET-CT center of şişli etfal hospital at the day before scan for appointment confirmation and final instructions. E-mail all relevant documents, such as pathology and blood tests and previous radiological reports, or bring them along. Four-days stay in istanbul will be sufficient for whole procedure.

Contact Information

+90 212 373 50 00

+90 532 742 76 52

E-mail: mesut.kafi@saglik.gov.tr

Sağlık Bilimleri Üniversitesi Şişli Hamidiye Etfal Eğitim ve Araştırma Hastanesi,
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